English as a Second Language (ESOL):
Three classes taught by well known teachers, we have smaller class setting and allows for a more one-on-one learning style and a larger classroom setting, the goal it literacy for all in terms of learning English.

Case Management:
Have multiple personnel that can assist in multiple capacities, they speak: English, Dari, Urdu, Uzbek, Turkish, Arabic, Somali, Swahili, and Greek.

Mental Health Services:
Our social worker attends and participates in seminars, continued trainings for refugees, racism, trauma, and loss, provides mental health staff meetings, conducts mental health assessments, evaluations, and counseling.

Immigration and Legal Services:
RHR’s attorney focuses solely on immigration law and all the specific cases this entails.

Workforce Development:
Prepares you for job readiness, assists in resume preparation and writing, understanding interview skills and how job applications are conducted, as well as the healthcare sector for certifications and employment.

Youth Services:
Case management is the major component, along with job readiness, school enrollment, college preparations, and civic engagement.

Industrial Sewing Lab:
RHR provides skills and training.

Health Literacy:
Where functional English self-care and basic comprehension of health, mental health, and health care systems.

Speaker Series:
Interactive workshop with interpreters between the community and mainstream providers.

VISTA Volunteer Program through AmeriCorps:
The VISTA position participates in communication, fundraising, social media, committee planning for events, interviewing organizations for ongoing community engagement, connecting organizations for further partnerships with RHR, streamlining policies and procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a client, wanting to enroll in our ESOL classes, or are in need of case management, please call us at (585) 563-7747 or stop by our office from 9am – 4pm from Monday to Friday.