Our volunteer tutors work one-on-one with students to improve their computer skills.

These skills are imperative to master in our increasingly digital society. Many of our students are adults with children in schools, and not being able to navigate the internet impacts their ability to communicate with school staff and follow children’s progress. Learning to use a computer and browse the internet also opens up opportunities related to finding jobs.

Our Digital Literacy volunteers from Literacy Volunteers of Rochester, Inc. help individuals who want to learn basic computer skills or complete computer-essential tasks. Computer helpers also distribute free flash drives to students who need them. Digital Literacy volunteers teach all skills needed for the basic operation of a computer – almost anything that you can imagine – from applying for a driver’s license, to creating an email account or a resume, applying for a job, getting a song copyrighted or using a patient portal.

The Computer Literacy Program also counts as vocational training for many students. Following our mission of creating self-sufficient refugee individuals, these training opportunities are a constructive requirement for earning government benefits. The trainings will ultimately prepare refugees to enter the workforce, with many even opening their own businesses. The trainings include sewing and cooking classes, cleaning and facility maintenance training, resume writing, and job searching. This is made possible thanks to a cooperation with “RochesterWorks!” 

Students working in the computer lab