RHR offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes for refugee or international students.

Our certified teachers join us from 9-12 every morning from OACES, a learning center also located in Rochester, to teach English for a vast range of language abilities. Some students come to us without knowing simple phrases like “How are you?” and leave us after a year with a job, providing for their families, and utilizing English every day. The degree of self-confidence and pride that grows within our students as they learn is palpable and evident in how they carry themselves. Though many students are mandated to attend our classes in order to receive their government benefits, RHR welcomes and accepts any person interested in learning English and investing in their education.

Students can also sign up for a tutor in the afternoons for extra one-on-one help to refine and practice specific English reading, writing, and conversational skills. RHR is always looking for volunteer tutors for these afternoon sessions and as classroom aids in the morning classes.

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