Love Without Borders 2020 Giving Campaign

Dear Friend of RHR,
As a community-based organization, RHR met many challenges this year but we have continued to face them and make achievements despite them. The refugee population are among the hardest hit due to COVID19 pandemic, but we have been able to provide relief to our refugee families due to the support of our community.

Together with you, we, RHR, are resilient, strong, and hopeful.

So let’s end this year on a powerful and positive note! Throughout this month, we will be running our first ever Love Without Borders 2020 Giving Campaign! We hope you will join us as we look back at 2020 and then embrace the new year!

While we are all social distancing, let’s show that we care for our refugee community and prove that love truly has no borders!

There are several ways to get involved:

1. Donate (on our website or gofundme)

2. Start a Fundraiser

To do this, simply click “Join” under the “Donate” button on our gofundme page and create your own fundraising team.

3. Follow/like our social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram) and encourage your friends to do the same and learn more about our work!

All proceeds will go towards supporting our refugee families during this difficult period of time.

Thank you for extending a helping hand to the refugee population in Rochester.



All of us at Refugees Helping Refugees


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